A couple of weeks ago, PJ and I watched The Houseboy, a 2007 movie written and directed by Spencer Schilly. It stars Nick May as Ricky, a young gay man who is romantically involved with a couple. As the movie begins, it is immediately clear that one member of the couple is very much interested in maintaining the threesome while the other partner is not.

The film’s plot follows Ricky as he house sits for the two men when they go away for Christmas holiday (he has his own apartment and doesn’t live with them).  He takes care of the rabbits, fish, and cats (sometimes), meets another gay guy his own age whose family lives in the neighborhood, and invites random strangers back to the apartment for drugs and sex. Here’s the trailer:

As the trailer suggests, Ricky is kind of lost. His life is full of drugs and sex, so much so that he’s lost touch with anything else. He’s in a relationship that isn’t going to last, and he doesn’t know how to relate to other gay men apart from sex.