My song of the week is Adam Joseph’s cover of “Finally,” which was originally sung by CeCe Penniston. It’s a classic song for drag queens and gay bars, so it’s a natural choice for Joseph to cover it. More importantly, it’s a beautiful ode to marriage equality.

The video features Lars Stephan, who is the guy getting out of bed at the beginning of the video. He’s also a photographer. I’ve followed his flickr photostream for a long time now. He primarily focuses on one subject: himself. While this might sound narcissistic, I don’t think it is. On the one hand, Stephan is gorgeous. If anyone should be the subject of photography, he should. On the other hand, I think his art is more an exploration of identify and the ways in which the physicality of the body and of location affect identity. (Warning: Some of his work is nude, so the links to his flickr page and blog aren’t entirely safe for work.) Stephan also has a blog, which is fun to read.

Adam Joseph’s rendition of “Finally” has really grown on me. At first, it seemed too different from the original, which is such a dance hit. But the more I’ve listened to it, the more I’ve fallen in love with it. By the way, his single “Faggoty Attention” is one of the greatest gay songs ever! I’m glad he’s gone another one — I hope this presages a new album soon!