The Empire State Building

PJ and I had a great time in New York City this week. This was our fourth trip to the city. I guess we’re getting used to it now, because this time everything felt so easy and simple. We could just sit back and relax, so to speak.

Our flight out of LaGuardia left this morning at about 10, which was just about the time that the airport started canceling flights due to the wintry weather on its way into the area. So even our escape from the storm was pretty easy and simple. As much as we loved visiting NYC again, we didn’t want to get stuck there, so we were glad to make it home ok.

But we did have loads of fun! We walked around Manhattan’s shopping district, including Macy’s. We wanted to buy a lot of clothes but ended up talking ourselves out of it because we didn’t want to carry it all home. (I’m hoping the Macy’s in Columbus has similar stuff!) We also visited Borders and two different Barnes & Nobles. (I finished a book while we were there, Regina Jeffers’s Vampire Darcy’s Desire, which made me want to read Jeffers’s rewriting of Pride and Prejudice from Darcy’s point of view.

In addition to walking around Manhattan, we ate incredibly well — Turkish, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Korean, and Chinese cuisine. We ate at some of the restaurants we’d eaten at before and we tried some new ones. We also ate at a couple of good diners for breakfast.