Last Saturday, PJ and I saw James Cameron’s new movie, Avatar. We both really liked it, which was surprising, since PJ dislikes 3D movies and I tend to be mostly indifferent towards sci-fi movies that aren’t Star Wars. Here’s the trailer:

Avatar stars Sam Worthington, who plays Jake Sully, a paraplegic marine who gets the chance to participate in a special mission on Pandora, a moon on which a precious metal (unobtainium) has been discovered. The marines are there to “relocate” the indigenous population, the Na’vi. Sully’s special mission is to participate in a scientific enterprise in which humans virtually inhabit avatar bodies that are crossed between the humans’ and the Na’vis’ appearances. The scientists want to learn more about the Na’vi; the military wants them to help in the relocation efforts. Soon JakeĀ  must choose between his mission and the Na’vi people he has come to love.