Tonight I watched 3-Day Weekend again. I saw it for the first time several months ago but didn’t blog about it for some reason — probably too busy. I recently bought a copy, and tonight I finally got around to watching it again.

It’s about two gay couples, one of which owns a cabin (though it’s misleading to call it a “cabin” — it’s more a vacation home) in the country. Each man invites one single friend to join the two couples for a long weekend there. As one couple comes together over the weekend, another one falls apart. Here’s the trailer:

Douglas Myers plays Jason, the owner of the cabin. He and Simon, played by Derek Meeker, have been together for several years. We learn very early in the film that they are having trouble, since we know that Simon has invited the escort he’s been sleeping, Andre, played by Daniel Rhyder, with as his single friend for the weekend. Jason, on the other hand, invites a semi-closeted ¬†coworker.

Derek Long and Stephen Twardokus play Cooper and Ace, the other couple. They’ve only been together for a year and are in an age-disparate relationship: Cooper is much older than Ace, who is only in his mid-twenties. Cooper invites his yoga instructor and Ace invites a college friend along for the weekend.