The office space of the United Nations building

One of the things PJ and I definitely wanted to do during our trip to New York City this past week was the visit the United Nations building. We’ve walked past it before, but we’d never been inside. So this year we decided to put it at the top of our agenda.

After going through security and getting out ticket (and waiting about 45 minutes until our tour time), we followed our tour guide around to see various exhibits about the work of the United Nations. These included ones on the U.N.’s peacekeeping work, the history of the U.N., and the U.N.’s activities against landmines, hunger, and malaria.

The highlight of the tour was a brief walk through the U.N.’s General Assembly Hall, where all of the delegates meet to hear speeches and debate resolutions up for a vote. The General Assembly was in session while we were there, so we weren’t allowed to sit down or stay long. Instead, we had to quietly walk through the very back of the room up in the balcony.

The exhibits we saw were relatively simple. Most were just posters mounted on the walls of hallways. Our tour guide, who was from Algeria, and did a very good job explaining everything to us and answering questions. The most elaborate exhibits were about the U.N.’s work providing basic living supplies for refugee camps, malaria nets, and school kits.