My favorite YouTube channel is The Mean Kitty, which is devoted to videos of a young couple’s two cats, Sparta and Loki. Here’s a sample:

As this video suggests, the entire channel is pretty much just these two cats being cats. I’ll admit that I find almost all cat videos irresistible. The only exceptions are the ones where the people force their cats to play pianos or something. Cats being cats is fun enough — we don’t need interference from people!

Here’s another typical video from The Mean Kitty:

I’ll post my other two favorite Mean Kitty vids after the break …

All of us who live with cats know that they love to “help” us work at our desks. Some like to sit on our laps (that’s how Paisley “helps”). Others like to sit on the papers or books we’re using (Marlowe’s form of “helpfulness”). Mean Kitty has a different technique:

And finally, one that’s a little educational!